If you do not know where the very best fishing areas are, then it makes it difficult to recognize where to head to start. Luckily there are many great crappie angling lakes situated throughout the nation. There are also many on-line sites that can provide you info regarding where to go as well as which techniques and strategies will certainly work the most effective for each and every lake or river that you see. There might not be a great deal of crappie in this lake however the size offsets the fewer number as they generally evaluate around three pounds as well as grow over 13 inches long. Lake Eufaula Lake Eufaula lies in Oklahoma and is a superb place to catch crappie. Trolling is an excellent method to use in this lake as well as you must adhere to the superficial water for the very best results. Lake Fork Lake Fork is located in Texas and it has countless under water structures with a great deal of greenery that is perfect to aid the crappie thrive and also grow. Its shoreline stretches 53 miles long and also is 150 feet deep. Although, Lake Camanche is most well-known for its many bass, it is likewise a terrific location to go crappie fishing. Lake Okeechobee Located in central and also southern Florida is an outstanding crappie fishing area called Lake Okeechobee. It is a 451,000 acre lake that has a 154 mile lengthy river. The crappie fishing in this lake is rated excellent as well as most of them balance over ten inches in size.